Saturday, 29 March 2014

In terms of learning how different are children?

I read a blog on differentiation that listed, some, differences between children to justify the need for differentiation. I know we are all unique. After all, I would not want to be like you and I quite like being me.

But how different are children? I think the answer you give to this will probably strongly influence the style of teacher you are.

There are some clear differences. Big ones, small ones etc - That is the beginning to a rude song I partly know. But are these differences significant in terms of learning and hence do they dictate the learning environment(s) we should provide? How individualised, or not, should we try to be.

Are children as different as:

Or are they as different as:

These two?                               

Or are they different like these:


Are different children as different as a bicycle and a car?  


42 said...

They are different enough to choose different subjects but probably differences in teachers is at least as important. People buy from people they like so perhaps the key is to match students to teachers not subjects.

peter blenkinsop said...

It is certainly true that the emotional link between teacher and child matters a lot.